About Us

Fairer Future, a not-for-profit social enterprise, was established to improve people’s understanding of poverty: why it continues in 21st century UK, how people get pulled into it, why it’s so hard to break free, and what can be done to help.

Fairer Future’s founder and trainer, Mary Sherwood, had a varied and nomadic childhood, living in very affluent and very deprived neighbourhoods, observing first-hand how your postcode alters the way public service providers respond to you.

After gaining a degree in Communication Studies – which explored the unfair systems that lock people into poverty – Mary worked for 12 years in third sector organisations aiming to improve life for people in difficult situations, before moving into the public sector. Ten years later she was elected to Swansea council, serving in a cabinet position with a focus on implementation of the Well-Being of Future Generations Act, and the Equality Act, then as chair the council’s Policy Development Committee for Poverty Reduction.  2017-2021 Mary shared the role of Welsh Local Government Association (WLGA) Spokesperson for Equality, Anti-Poverty and Welfare Reform.  She is also Grants & Development Manager for Gower Power Co-op CIC, a sustainable development consultancy which brings renewable energy assets into community ownership, to achieve economic, social and environmental benefits for communities.

Associate Trainers
Mary works with a range of partners who may support Fairer Future from time to time. Part of our training is about the importance of involving people with direct, recent experience of low income, who may act as co-trainers on certain projects.

Workplaces, organisations and communities in which people understand poverty and can do their best work to achieve a fairer, healthier, more prosperous society.

To provide training and support which enables people to understand UK poverty traps, and do their best work towards a fairer, healthier, more prosperous society.

Collaborative – We will work in partnership with organisations and individuals with similar concerns to deliver our best work.  In our training and consultancy we will aim to understand the outcomes others are seeking and work together to achieve them.

Authentic – We will use sound evidence and data as a basis for our work, bringing in the voices of people with experience of the challenges of living on a low income.

Transparent – We will be clear and honest about our partnerships and associations.