We offer a training workshop covering the way poverty in the UK is defined and measured, who is in it, how it affects them, and what can help. Participants already familiar with the topic will benefit from clear, simple models to articulate and explain poverty to others, and to plan effective work. The workshop consists of slides, discussion and exercises, taking 3 hours.

It can be delivered for your own in-house group, either in person (6-30 participants) or online (6-12 participants).

Equally, individuals can book a place on an open online session.

Our next online workshop will be Thursday November 25th, 1-4pm. Please email to book.

Cost: The workshop has recently been updated and adapted to work better online. As we roll out the new version, we are offering a discounted rate of just £60 per person on the open online session, in return for: a) your flexibility while we experiment with timing, breaks etc to see what works best; b) your feedback. Costs for in-house groups (online or in person) are negotiable.

If you are an individual who is interested in the training and cannot afford the fee, please get in touch! A limited number of places on each open session will be available at low or no cost.