Let’s Try UBI!

On December 3rd, Swansea became the first local council in Wales to add its voice to the growing campaign for a pilot of Universal Basic Income.

There are many ways in which this could improve our society, not just for the individuals struggling to escape poverty but for all of us, because living with inequality hurts everyone.

I could write a lot here, but instead I will hand over to one of my favourite changemakers, public speakers and forward-thinkers, Future Generations Commissioner, Sophie Howe. I love hearing Sophie speak, because she can take you on a journey through so many different themes to demonstrate the holistic importance of taking the right approach to a problem, which, of course, is what the Well-Being of Future Generations Act is all about.

Enjoy Sophie’s short piece on the need for a UBI pilot, and while you’re there, have a look at the other resources offered by the UBI Lab Network. Consider getting involved. If you’d like to see your local council pass a motion in support of a UBI pilot, I might know one or two folks in Swansea who could lend a hand.