Our Services

We aim to leave you feeling more confident to develop work that makes a positive difference and to discuss poverty and its impacts.

To achieve this, we offer facilitation, training and consultancy services.

Group Facilitation – Tackling inequality starts with commitment, vision, a strong team and a clear plan. We can support you with team building, project planning and establishing shared goals and visions.

Training – Making Sense of Poverty: Our online, 3-hour workshop for 6-12 participants covers:
1. How poverty in the UK is defined and measured
2. How having people struggling on a low income affects our society
3. How the UK economy functions to trap people on low incomes
4. How work can be shaped to make a positive difference.

Making Sense of Poverty uses slides, exercises and discussion. You will learn clear, simple models to articulate and explain poverty to others, and to plan effective work. It costs £75 per person (in-house groups from £450). NEXT WORKSHOP: Tuesday November 7th 10am, Contact us to book.

**Free places are available. Please get in touch for info about these. **

Training – specific to you: We can develop a bespoke workshop expanding on section 4 of “Making Sense of Poverty”, looking at how you, in your particular area of work, can work in the most effective way.

Training – A More Equal Wales: A section focusing on the Socio-economic Duty can be added to either of the above workshops, looking at how you can achieve better results by working in the spirit of the duty.

Consultancy – Bespoke support with any of your activities that would benefit from an improved understanding of, or focus on, economic inequality. Your activities could include: policy development; communication, consultation or outreach; developing activities or interventions involving people on low incomes; developing grant schemes (including grant criteria and processes for application, decision-making, monitoring and evaluation), and more.

With Mary’s unusual breadth of experience (see About Us), she is very sensitive to the differing challenges facing each sector and the potential for effective collaboration between them to improve outcomes for communities.  This enables her to adapt the support offered by Fairer Future to the context of your organisation and the particular outcomes you seek.