Peter Davies

“The Wellbeing of Future Generations Act provides a legal framework for a fairer future, but this will only happen if we have a full understanding of the causes and effects of inequalities. We need to invest to ensure that this understanding underpins work across all roles in the public, private and voluntary sectors. There is no better starting point than “Making Sense of Poverty” offered by Fairer Future.”

Peter Davies, Former Sustainable Futures Commissioner for Wales

Heather Potter

“Fairer Future offers a vital training programme drawn from Mary Sherwood’s experience in working with poverty.  Mary clearly explains how poverty happens in a first world country and how it becomes a trap.  What I wasn’t expecting were clear directives on how we can change the way we work.  It is possible to enable large groups of our clients in poverty to get more from our business with these insights.  It was also personally enlightening to understand the importance of a good start in life.  Mary delivers all this with passion and humour in an engaging presentation – the time just flew by.” 

Heather Potter, GP

Jason Smith

“Mary is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about tackling poverty. It is not just poverty in which she is an expert but also the impact of poverty on wider life and how this compounds it as well as the multifaceted causes of it.
Mary brought to light ideas I’d never thought of or questioned in terms of how we define poverty and what poverty means. What Mary did is bring the reality of poverty home and enable us to understand what it is like for people living in poverty through powerful scenarios and exercises. What was equally beneficial is how Mary explored both people’s resources and resilience and what these really mean for somebody living in poverty.”

Jason Smith, Head of Care and Support, Caredig

Karen Davies

“As a lecturer and researcher with a keen interest in issues of social justice and inequality, I have been so lucky to be able to consult Mary on the nature and challenges of poverty in the UK. Mary has such a breadth of knowledge in this area.  She has particularly enhanced my understanding of various definitions and metrics of poverty . This has been invaluable to my research and teaching.”

Dr. Karen Davies, Senior Lecturer- Events Management, Cardiff Metropolitan University

Amanda Carr

“At SCVS we have worked with Mary in a variety of capacities over many years. As a 3rd sector organisation, it is important that our contacts and affiliates have a thorough understanding of the role of 3rd sector groups, their needs and also their role working with community members, many of whom face particular disadvantage. Mary has a unique, expert and insightful understanding and experience of poverty and disadvantage. Combined with her commitment to developing meaningful relationships and creating effective partnerships, Mary has been a real asset to the work of SCVS, including supporting us with developing and responding to policy initiatives and speaking at our member events.”

Amanda Carr, Director, Swansea Council for Voluntary Service

Phillip McDonnell

“Mary is the most passionate and knowledgeable person I know when it comes to tackling poverty. She is clear and honest about the causes and consequences, and the types of actions and approaches that are needed. Mary also has a firm understanding of and interest in many connected areas such as health and the environment. She is never afraid to challenge conventional thinking and offer positive alternatives to help create a fairer and more sustainable future for everyone.” 

Philip McDonnell, Environmental Consultant, PM Developments